Oh hai

Trying to figure out this WordPress thing. Not going so well, akshully.

Hopefully with the WordPress app, I’ll be more inclined to post pictures and such from my phone.

For those of you just joining us, I have four dogs. Ozzy, an almost six year old JRT/Aussie mix; Enzo, an almost five Chocolate Labradork; Knox, a two year old German Shepherd; and Indy, who’s almost but not quite two, and a Dutch Shepherd. Mostly, this will be about the last three dogs, as they’re more “my” dogs than my husbands. Enzo is quickly going over to the dark side with Ozzy, as the two pointy-er dogs are annoying and like to drag her around by her back legs. She doesn’t really appreciate that.

Anyway, please bear with us as we figure out this completely different way of blogging! Feel free to poke and/or prod me to post content.